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..you know what? everything fucking sucks. life is pointless.

so you go to school and be miserable so you can get a job and be miserable and then you can dream about retirement which will probubly never happen. yeah sure maybe you make a couple of friends along the way, maybe you fall in love but so fucking what, that only ends up in disaster. i dunno, i just kinda want to die, not cuz im like so fucking depressed, no, im just bored with life. thats all, its boring and its hard and its repeditive and im just so fucking sick of it all.

IF i could just kill myself i think it would deff. be for the best, and yeah something good will probubly come along sometime in the near future and i will be momentarly happy again.. see last entry, but, then this will just happen all over again. its just like uh so stupid and pointless and i just dont wanna have to deal with it anymore. because the bad allways outweighs the good in life and thats a fucking fact.


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